Xiaomi 12 Pro camera disappointing score in DxOMark review

امتیاز ناامیدکننده دوربین شیائومی 12 پرو در بررسی DxOMark

Smartphone Xiaomi 12 Pro It is one of the flagships of this company that can compete with the best in the market. Of course, this smartphone, despite being a flagship, has not been able to rank in terms of camera performance DxOMark It has a good position and is in the lower ranks of the flagships.

This phone is rated 131 In the list DXoMark Place Fourteenth It’s a disappointment, after all, we’re dealing with the company’s most powerful device, which claims to use the best camera on the market.

Xiaomi 12 Pro camera performance

This Xiaomi product has a triple camera system consisting of one camera 50 Megapixel, an ultra-wide lens 50 Megapixel and a telephoto lens 50 It is megapixel.

If we want to mention the advantages of Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro camera, we can mention such things as good detail in most conditions, good image in very low or very high light, fast and constant autofocus in photography and video recording, low noise level, wide viewing angle and details. Well mentioned in the ultra-wide camera and ultimately powerful stabilizer when shooting in extreme motion.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of this phone’s camera are image distortion in high contrast environments, relatively limited image depth, occasional instability in exposure, lack of detail in images taken from long distances, difference in bokeh effect in the preview and the final image, effects Abnormal in bokeh and backlight mode, some shady noise and indistinct objects when shooting in low light.

It should be noted that Xiaomi is currently the most powerful phone in the DxOMark model «May 11 Ultra»Used now with 143 Points in position Fifth There is a list of this website.

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