Xiaomi and Oppo compete with Qualcomm and MediaTek to produce 5G chips

Xiaomi and Oppo compete with Qualcomm and MediaTek to produce 5G chips

Due to the global shortage of chips and its impact on large companies such as Apple, some Chinese companies, including Oppo and Xiaomi, are developing 5G chips that will operate at frequencies below 6 GHz. The two companies’ 5G chips are expected to enter the global market in late 2021 and early 2022.

In this case, Xiaomi and Oppo will enter the market of 5G chip production to compete with the most popular chip companies, namely Qualcomm and MediaTek.

According to a report published by the “Digitimes” website, another Chinese company called “Unisoc” (formerly Spredterum) Xiaomi and Oppo in this field. Will accompany. It should be noted, however, that the Chinese company Unisoc is a “non-manufacturing” company, leaving the design of the chips to another company.

Chinese companies are always worried that the United States may do the same as the Trump administration did last year with Huawei and put them on the sanctions list. The US Department of Commerce enacted a new export law last year requiring manufacturers that use US-made parts in their products to obtain certain licenses.

Therefore, Oppo, Xiaomi and any other Chinese manufacturer that intends to design its chips must ensure that their casting does not comply with US export laws. The best way to ensure this is for Chinese-based tech companies to stay away from casting plants that use American technology. Currently, only TSMS and Samsung use US technologies.

While the United States had said at the time that sanctions against Huawei had been necessary for security reasons for the past two years, both the US and Chinese governments are still in a trade war.

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