Xiaomi has introduced a smart refrigerator with the ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria

شیائومی یک یخچال هوشمند با قابلیت از بین بردن 99.9 درصد باکتری‌ها معرفی کرد

Xiaomi Refrigerator freezer 4 doors Mijia Cross with capacity 496 liters Sent to the Chinese market. The interior of this large and spacious refrigerator is included 316 liters In the upper part, 162 liters In the freezer compartment with capacity 18 liters It is separately in the top drawer and can be controlled with voice commands.

This product despite the all-round air circulation and 9 output Air, equipped with air supply 360 degrees Is something that prevents frost and direct cold air on the contents of the refrigerator. also 5 sensors The precision in this refrigerator constantly monitors its temperature.

It is worth mentioning that this Xiaomi smart home device has 4 modes The function is different: smart mode, holiday mode, fast cooling and freezing mode.

Other specifications and features of the new Xiaomi refrigerator

According to reportsIn addition to the above, a separate section 18 liters It also has three other heat modes that allow it to adjust its temperature separately from the rest of the refrigerator.

According to Xiaomi, this feature allows more sensitive foods such as fruits and vegetables to be stored in better conditions and thus stay fresh longer.

You can also configure this product directly via the keys on it or through the app Mijia Do, of course, control this refrigerator via voice commands Xiao AI It is also possible.

New model of Xiaomi refrigerator

Among other features of this refrigerator, we can mention its low sound, which is equal to 38 decibels Is. Xiaomi has also claimed to use Silver ion antibacterial technology Makes this product 99.9 percent Kill bacteria.

Its dimensions are 1890 by 833 by 660 mm And its doors to the corner 90 degrees They open. It should also be noted at the end that this product is currently discounted in the Chinese market, $ 490 There is a price and a price tag without a discount $ 550 Is.

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