Xiaomi is turning to MediaTek because of Qualcomm’s chip supply problems

Xiaomi is turning to MediaTek because of Qualcomm's chip supply problems

Qualcomm has had serious problems meeting the demand for 5G chipsets needed by some mobile companies. In this regard, apparently, Xiaomi has decided to meet part of the needs of its 5G chip through MediaTek.

According to a report published by the website «UDNQualcomm is facing various problems in chip production. The company is unable to meet market demand and has no more production capacity. This has prevented smartphone makers from having the 5G chip they need to make. Qualcomm has set a delivery time of 5G chipset for some companies, including Xiaomi, Oppo and some other mobile manufacturers, to about 30 weeks.

As a result, Xiaomi apparently intends to turn to other chip suppliers, including MediaTek, to meet its needs. According to informed sources, the Chinese technology giant has decided to reduce the order volume of Qualcomm 5G chip from 80% to 55%. This reduced volume of Qualcomm orders will be transferred to MediaTek. Qualcomm had previously announced that it would address the shortage of chipsets needed by the mobile market by the end of 2021 at the latest. The company says it is unable to meet market demand due to high demand.

Earlier, Reuters quoted informed sources as saying that the global shortage of semiconductors had also affected Qualcomm’s supply chain, and that this had also affected Samsung’s supply of orders for flagship and mid-range phones.

In general, the chipset industry is in high demand in the world, and various industries, including the market of smart cars, smartphones and other markets are affected by such conditions. The global chip shortage has also affected Qualcomm’s business, which is unable to meet all orders for mid-range and flagship chipsets.

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