Xiaomi is working on developing smart tags at an economical price

شیائومی روی توسعه تگ هوشمندی با قیمت اقتصادی کار می‌کند

With all its limitations, Apple AirTag has been able to attract the attention of many users, and now Xiaomi apparently intends to follow the same path. Documents related to the company’s new patent indicate that the Chinese are trying to develop a cheaper version of the smart tag.

Xiaomi patent documents show the company is developing a method and tool to find lost objects Works. The patent is filed under application number CN106877911B and describes a product that can be used as a tag or smart tag to find lost items.

According to the description of this product, ‌ its specifications seem to be similar to Apple AirTag and offer similar performance.

Given that only the Xiaomi patent documentation for the smart tag has been shared and no other information is available, we can not talk about its price. But given that Xiaomi products are usually offered in a more affordable price range, it is possible that the Chinese will be able to market smart tags at an economical and competitive price with Apple.

Apple finally unveiled the long-awaited AirTag tracker for $ 29 on the last day of April at the Spring Loaded. With this device, users can find lost objects through the “Find My” app. The Irtag is a small device that uses a speaker, accelerometer, Bluetooth LE and a user-replaceable battery. According to the Cupertinoites, this tracker can be charged for up to a year, and using NFC, the lost mode can be activated.

It remains to be seen what specifications and prices the Chinese smart tag will be available to users if Xiaomi wants to launch a similar product. On the other hand, it remains to be seen whether Xiaomi can secure its smart tag from being hacked.

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