Xiaomi Munch was seen in the MIUI source code

گوشی شیائومی Munch در کدهای منبع MIUI رویت شد

Xiaomi is preparing new smartphones, including the Xiaomi 12 Series. Recently, an unknown device codenamed Munch was spotted in MIUI source code. According to Xiaomiui, the phone appears with the code and model number L11R in the MIUI code.

This smartphone uses a full HD display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It is said that there is also a fingerprint sensor on the side edge of the phone. It is not yet known what the display panel will look like, but some call it an LCD. Of course, Xiaomi has recently equipped most of its products with old screens, and this raises some doubts.

The chip used in this phone is Qualcomm and SM8250, which refers to the Snapdragon 870. The Snapdragon 870 itself is an improved version of the Snapdragon 865 Plus, and it remains to be seen what configuration this Xiaomi uses. Apparently, this phone is introduced with a triple camera. The wide-angle main lens, along with the ultra-wide lens and macro camera, are the sensors used for photography.

According to the same technology source, the Xiaomi Munch could be the Redmi 50S in the Chinese market and the Xiaomi 12T in the international market. However, we can not rely on the above information at the moment, and certainly the closer we get to the unveiling time of this phone, the more information will be leaked from it.

Xiaomi is active in the mid-range handsets market and is in fierce competition with Samsung and its compatriot companies. Following the Huawei embargo, Xiaomi has become one of the major players in the global smartphone market, and sales of Redmi Note phones recently crossed the 240 million mark.

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