Xiaomi titanium thermos was unveiled

Xiaomi titanium thermos was unveiled

Xiaomi from The first titanium thermos He unveiled the MIJIA Thermos Cup Ti. The company will launch a crowdfunding campaign for the MIJIA Thermos Cup Ti on December 28. Xiaomi claims that it is the first time that titanium metal is used to produce a thermos cup.

Titanium is a very pure metal and does not precipitate heavy metals. According to Xiaomi, this is a known biophilic metal and offers more reliability to the thermos. Xiaomi has used titanium inside and outside of the MIJIA Ti thermos cup. The capacity of this cup is 450 ml and its weight is 21.5 grams. This thermos can keep liquid hot at 58°C for up to 6 hours and cold at 10°C for 6 hours.

Mijia thermos cup uses pure titanium with TA1 quality and 99 percent purity, which does not contain harmful heavy metals and has the highest degree of purity. Titanium TA1 is widely used in biomedical applications and prevents any contamination from entering the thermos. Mijia’s new thermos cup uses the high-temperature crystallization process of the internal tank. This means that the cup itself can be cleaned and only needs to be rinsed.

Xiaomi titanium thermos

The thermos cup has a button that is used to open the thermos lid. This cup also has a tea filter strainer that makes it easy to separate tea and water. The tea strainer can also be easily removed for cleaning. This tea filter is easy to install and remove for cleaning.

Price and availability of Xiaomi MIJIA Thermos Cup Ti

Xiaomi MIJIA Thermos Cup Ti will go on sale in China from December 28th. The retail price of this thermos is 189 yuan ($27). Meanwhile, the pocket version of the Mijia thermos has been released in China at a price of 59 yuan (about 8 dollars) and is available in several color options, including light pink, green, white and black. Exact details of the crowdfunding campaign, including its duration, have not been released at this time. Also, we do not have any information about the global release of this product.

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