Xiaomi will probably introduce a 200-watt charger in the second half of 2021

Xiaomi will probably introduce a 200-watt charger in the second half of 2021

Xiaomi is apparently working on a mobile phone with support for 200 watt fast wired charging technology. It is said that this phone will be launched in the second half of 2021, but on the other hand, it is possible that May 11 Ultra will host this technology.

to the Reliable source report The Weibo website, called Digital Chat Station, Xiaomi is working on several wired, wireless and wireless reverse charging technologies. The company’s wired charger has an amazing 200 watts of power. The source says that Xiaomi will launch the technology in the second half of this year. However, the May 11 Ultra is on its way, and although it will probably be introduced sooner, it is a good candidate to use this technology.

Last year, Xiaomi introduced the 120 watt 120 watt fast wire charging technology at the same time as the May 10 introduction. As a result, it is clear that they are now looking to speed up their fast charging technology. Now other companies such as Vivo and Nubia have been able to bring their charging technologies to the level of Xiaomi.

Earlier in the article we talked in detail about the effect of 120 watt charging capability on smart phone batteries. Of course, Xiaomi’s 120-watt charger “only” offers 80 watts of 80 watts. When the charger is plugged in, it starts with 92.3 watts and quickly reaches 86.4 watts, so only 6.3 watts (7.3 percent) of energy is wasted on the cable and charger. It performs better than all low energy chargers. This is probably due to the more efficient GaN technology used in the Xiaomi charger.

It takes only 21 minutes to fully charge the May 10 Ultra battery from 0 to 100, and in 3 minutes we see a 25% charge. This is a remarkable achievement, especially considering that the device is equipped with two 2250 mAh batteries with a total capacity of 4500 mAh. Now we have to wait and see what Xiaomi will do with 200 watt fast charging technology.

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