Xiaomi’s 200-watt charger has surpassed China’s regulatory standards for battery life

شارژر ۲۰۰ واتی شیائومی از استانداردهای نظارتی چین برای طول عمر باتری پیشی گرفت

Xiaomi’s 200-watt “HyperCharge” charging technology, which can charge a 4,000mAh battery in eight minutes, also helps extend battery life. Studies show that this technology reduces battery life by only 20% at 800 rpm. This figure is set at about 60% in the Chinese regulatory standard.

Xiaomi will hold a Q&A session on Weibo Held. One of the questions raised in this session was about the effect of a 200 watt charger on battery health. According to the answers provided in this meeting It seams With 800 full charge of the battery using 200 watt charger technology, the battery life is reduced by only about 20%.

In general, if the user uses this 200 watt charging technology, it will take two years to reduce the battery life by about 20%. For example, the capacity of a mobile battery with a 5000 mAh battery like the May 11 Ultra, after 800 full charges, can only charge 4000 mAh of its capacity.

In the 125 watt Oppo charging technology that was introduced last year, after 800 charges, the battery capacity reaches about 80%. Xiaomi claims that China’s regulatory standard for deteriorating battery life is 60% of its capacity after 400 recharges. According to this standard, a phone that uses a 4,000 mAh battery has a rechargeable capacity of only 2400 mAh after almost a year.

Mobile phone companies are thinking of solutions that will help extend the life of your mobile battery, and it remains to be seen how helpful fast charging technology can be.

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