Xiaomi’s May 12 concept design announces the camera under the display

طراحی مفهومی می ۱۲ شیائومی از دوربین زیر نمایشگر خبر می‌دهد

The concept design shared by Xiaomi May 12 ‌ shows the design of the front and back panel of the device well. It is possible that the Chinese will launch their new mobile phone with a camera under the screen and equipped with four cameras on the back panel.

May 12 Xiaomi is likely to hit the market later this year or early next year. New concept images have been shared from this mobile that show the device screen without cropping.

Design of the device shown in the pictures Can be seen It’s somewhat similar to Xiaomi’s May 11. May 12 uses the same camera module, but the number of sensors has increased. The front part is almost the same and only the cut on the screen has been removed.

As shown in these pictures, the May 12 phone uses a sub-camera. It can be said that there is almost no border around the screen and its edges are curved. The edges of the mobile back panel are also curved to fit the display. The back panel of the device also has a quad-camera module and two LED flashes.

Xiaomi brand name can also be seen on the back of the device and the designer has depicted it both vertically and horizontally. Also on the right side of the phone are the physical buttons, which may include the power and volume buttons.

Xiaomi phones have their fans and it is said that since the release of the Redmi Note 10 series in India, Xiaomi has sold about 2 million devices worth more than $ 400 million. The Redmi Note series has become very popular all over the world, especially in India. According to Mano Kumar Jin, CEO of Xiaomi India, if Redmi were an independent brand, it would only rank third or fourth in the Indian market. Also, in a month and a half since its release, more than $ 40 million worth of May 11 Redmi phones have been sold.

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