You can cook and play chess with the Bing chatbot

You can cook and play chess with the Bing chatbot

Microsoft is inviting more and more people to test Bing Chat’s artificial intelligence. As a result, we find out every time what interesting things this chatbot can do. In the following to introduce some Amazing features of Bing, including participation in the game of chess we pay

Bing can create artwork based on ASCII code

Bing chess game

To date there have been various reports about this feature and you are probably somewhat familiar with it. If you ask the chatbot to draw something or show you a picture of something, it can create ASCII artwork. It should be noted that Bing’s artwork will not be of the highest possible quality. Compared to what we’ve seen from other ASCII artwork over the years, it appears weaker. But we hope that this feature will be improved in the new versions of the chatbot.

Bing is able to provide cooking instructions based on available ingredients

Bing can provide new recipes for cooking. A user on Reddit confirms that Bing is able to issue related recipes based on the ingredients in the house. This feature saves time. Moreover, with this feature, even if you have a limited amount of raw materials available, you will no longer need to go to the store.

The new Bing can play chess

A Reddit user managed to trick Bing into playing a game of chess through some ingenious queries. Maybe in the future Microsoft should provide a direct way to run its AI chess game on multiple difficulty levels.

Bing can narrate videos using Jira tickets

A Reddit user started talking about 2001 in a Twitter thread with BingChat. He asked BingChat to narrate a movie for him based on Jira tickets. The result was very entertaining; Because the chatbot narrated the movie for him. Said user decided to continue the conversation by asking BingChat to create a Jira narrative based on Jurassic Park. He repeated the same with Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and met with similar reactions.

Bing can use Office applications in a limited way

Another Reddit user discovered that under certain conditions, Bing can access certain Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. For example, you can download an Excel spreadsheet created by this chatbot after providing a list of figures. However, Bing seems to have limited access to this program and cannot handle more advanced micros. With the current capabilities of the chatbot, it is not possible to do things like create animations or transfer it to slides for PowerPoint presentations. So it would be great if Microsoft added access to more advanced Office features to Bing. Currently, there are rumors that the company is focusing on exactly the feature in question. The things we mentioned in this article are just some of the interesting features and discoveries that users noticed when testing Bing.

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