YouTube blocks content that contains misleading and inaccurate information about the Corona vaccine

یوتیوب محتواهای حاوی اطلاعات گمراه کننده و نادرست درباره واکسن کرونا را مسدود می‌کند

YouTube says it has blocked all videos containing misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines approved by local health authorities or the World Health Organization as part of its Corona vaccine policy.

In this case, YouTube, for example, users should not share videos in which the vaccine is claimed to cause chronic side effects. Nevertheless, the announcement of rare side effects has been confirmed by health officials no problem. Users also cannot post negative information about the vaccine in their videos, which indicates that receiving the vaccine does not reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus, or posting incorrect information about the Corona vaccine.

Of course, YouTube policy also includes some exceptions. For example, reference to vaccine policies, new vaccine trials, and past vaccine successes or failures is still acceptable. Users can also discuss vaccines scientifically and share their personal opinions, as long as they do not have a history of providing false information and their video complies with other YouTube rules.

YouTube to Washington Post He also said he would eliminate channels linked to prominent supporters of his anti-vaccine campaign. “Matt Helperin, YouTube’s vice president of global trust and security, said:

Developing strong policies takes time. We wanted to set up a policy that is comprehensive, enforceable and consistent, as well as sufficiently challenging.

In addition to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter blocked false information about Covid-19 on their platforms in the early days of the Corona virus outbreak in the spring of 2020. YouTube has allegedly deleted more than 130,000 videos that did not follow the rules of the Corona vaccine, and a total of more than one million videos containing incorrect information about the Corona virus have been removed.

Facebook, meanwhile, has been working to reduce the spread of anti-vaccine content since at least 2019, and officially banned false information in February.

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