YouTube is testing the ability to automatically detect products in videos

YouTube is testing the ability to automatically detect products in videos

YouTube is testing a feature that automatically detects products displayed in the video and displays links to similar clips.

Google in its statement Announced“We are testing a new feature that creates a list of products displayed in some related videos and related products. Products are displayed between the suggested videos and the player below. The goal is to help people increase their knowledge of those products by watching more videos on YouTube. “This feature is enabled for users watching videos in the United States.”

The feature in question is suitable for users who are looking to watch similar videos of a particular product. In addition, it reduces the hassle of searching for a product in online stores. For example, if a mobile phone is being shown in the video, a link to the product page, similar goods, and accessories will be displayed below the video.

This feature is also likely to be a new source of revenue for Google in the highly lucrative affiliate link market and prevent buyers from leaving YouTube. This feature is actually a secondary content suggestion tool and complements the suggested videos that are displayed to the right of the main player.

YouTube’s original content suggestion algorithm already performs well in displaying related videos, but the new feature seems to be more for users who are researching to buy a product. YouTube did not name the platforms on which the feature was enabled, and only mentioned that it is enabled for US users.

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