Zamyad Products News; Padra Plus cash sale plan was announced without any restrictions

اخبار محصولات زامیاد؛ طرح فروش نقدی پادرا پلاس بدون محدودیت اعلام شد

Likely Of all the cars that are currently in the world Are produced, Nissan Zamyad van with a record of more than half a century is considered. But apparently, there is no intention to replace and stop the production of this well-known pickup truck, and Saipa (owner of Zamyad Group), which had increased the price of this product last year, is now producing in a unique move. Optional version of Nissan Zamyad Struck at a higher price.

An increase in price with the addition of an option may seem like a logical move in the current economic climate, but the strange thing about this product is the addition of a guard to the front bumper, which can significantly affect the more dangerous this ancient car.

For some unknown reason, Zamyad has decided to keep the basic and non-optional version of Zamyad on the production line, but apparently this model lacks features such as air conditioning and hydraulic steering. Therefore, it seems that Zamyad intends to somehow force its customers to buy the optional version.

Follow us to have a look at the price of this car:

Padra Plus cash sale plan without restrictions [به روز رسانی] – دی 1400

Hereby informs the esteemed applicants and authorized agencies of Saipa Automotive Group, Super Padra Plus sales conditions As stated in the table below.

In this method of sale, esteemed applicants can apply for car registration directly from 9:00 AM on Thursday, 10/23/1400, until the capacity is completed.

Car Prices Available colors Delivery time
2940000000 White Maximum 90 days

New plan to sell Nissan and Padra vans in cash at a new price [به روز رسانی] – آذر ۱۴۰

Saipa Automotive Group intends to sell two products, Nissan pickup and Padra pickup, without any restrictions and lotteries at a fixed price.
Applicants can apply for registration without lottery and restrictions on these products from 10:00 AM on Thursday, December 25, 1400 by visiting Saipa Company’s website.

car Definitive price Color Delivery date
Nissan gasoline van 25200,000 Blue 90 days
Padra van 294,000,000 White 90 days

Announcement of the new base price of Zamyad products [به روز رسانی] – آذر ۱۴۰

The new base price of Zamyad’s products was announced.

The new base prices of Zamyad’s products are excluding tax, numbering, insurance, etc. costs, which you can see in the table below:

Terms of sale Zamyad

Terms of sale of Zamyad products were announced [به روز رسانی] – شهریور 1400

Zamyad Company, as one of the subsidiaries of Saipa Automotive Group, has announced the terms of sale of its products without any previous restrictions, and customers can purchase three products in this sales plan.

The recent circular on the supply of Zamyad products is set in the form of a pre-sale plan, and customers can register three Nissan single-burner pickup trucks, Nissan dual-burner pickup trucks and Padra Plus for delivery in the winter of 1400. It should be noted that this sale plan has been submitted without prior restrictions, and yet, contracts are still set at an uncertain price and on the day of delivery valuation criteria for applicants.

To register an optional Nissan single-burner van, a prepayment of 106 million and 250 thousand Tomans is required, and also the initial deposit of the optional dual-burner version is 115 million Tomans. Padra Plus can also be registered with a prepayment of 133 million Tomans. Saipa and Zamyad have announced in this circular that the delivery date of the cars will be 1400 on the 4th of Bahman.

At present, the applicants of these sales conditions can register and deposit in advance for Zamyad products by referring to Saipa online sales website. It should be noted that this sales plan will start at 10:00 AM on September 22, 2014.

Immediate sale and one-year advance sale of Zamyad products [به روز رسانی] June 1400

Saipa Automotive Group has started the immediate sale and one-year pre-sale of four Zamyad products from 10:00 AM on Saturday, June 20, and customers can apply for immediate sale or delivery date from October to November 1400 according to the 90-day delivery date. One year advance sale, to register one of the products that can be offered in these sales conditions.

In these circumstances, the special sale of June 1400, which will be valid for only 3 days, products such as Nissan Optional single-burner van, Nissan dual-burner optional van, Nissan Diesel and finally Padra Plus pickup truck will be offered to customers. You can see it in the table below.

Price of Zamiad

The new price of Zamyad products was announced [به روز رسانی] – اردیبهشت 1400

The new price of Nissan vans was announced by Saipa Company in May 1400. The new prices were announced while the Competition Council believes that this price increase is illegal.

The price of Zamyad pickup is May 1400

The new price of Zamyad products was announced – November 1999 [به روز رسانی]

Saipa Automotive Group announced the new price of Zamyad products for November 2010.

The prices listed include taxes, numbering, insurance, etc.

Prices of Zamyad products in November 2016

Increase in prices of Zamyad products [به روز رسانی] – October 99

  • Nissan single-burner optional truck
    September price: 139,600,000 Tomans
    October price: 169,632,000 Tomans
    Increase rate: 30 million Tomans
  • Nissan dual-burner truck optional
    September price: 155,100,000 Tomans
    October price: 189,031,000 Tomans
    Increase rate: 34 million Tomans

Radial tires have also been added to the options of both cars for October sales.

The new price of all Zamyad products was announced [به روز رسانی] – مرداد 99

Turning to the meeting of the Board of Directors of Zamyad Company No. 1607 dated 29/04/99 and Resolution No. 47788 dated 04/07/1999 of the Deputy Minister of Industry of the Ministry of Silence, regarding the increase of product rates, changes in the rates of commercial light products as shown in the table below. Turns.

Price of ZamiadRich pickup price

The price of the optional Nissan pickup truck was set [به روز رسانی] – March 98

This product has been launched with a new series of options, which are as follows:

Zamiad Optional

  • Radial tires
  • air conditioner
  • Front guard
  • Plastic floor insole
  • Body tag
  • No sound recording and hydraulic steering

The price of Nissan van with the mentioned options is 79 million Tomans and without considering these facilities, it is 70 million Tomans.

It is worth mentioning that this pricing is done in a situation where during the last few weeks and in the open market, the price of Zamyad van had exceeded one hundred million Tomans.

Nissan Zamyad price – December 97

The latest prices of light commercial pickups and pickups of Zamyad Company from the date of notification of the circular will be announced as follows:

Zamyad pickup price

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