ZTE is apparently working on a mobile development with 20GB of RAM

ZTE ظاهرا روی توسعه موبایلی با رم ۲۰ گیگابایتی کار می‌کند

While some of the flagship phones on the market are equipped with 12 GB of RAM and the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro uses 18 GB of RAM, ZTE apparently intends to set a new record in its name and offer a mobile phone with 20 GB of RAM.

ZTE CEO Lu Qianhao posted a post on the Chinese social network Weibo Shared Which refers to a phone with 20 GB of RAM. The same post sparked speculation about ZTE developing the first mobile phone with very high RAM.

However, some sources believe that this device may use virtual RAM, which is now used by some manufacturers. However, it can be said that the ZTE phone may have 18 GB of RAM and 2 GB of virtual RAM. However, some news agencies believe that ZTE will introduce a phone with 20 GB of RAM in the future. Asus has already launched the Ragphone 5 with 18GB of RAM, and ZTE may have decided to break the record.

Almost no information has been released about this phone. In general, since ZTE has not confirmed any news, it is possible that it has no plans to release a phone with this amount of RAM, but they may have tested the prototype.

RAM memory

Also in another report Is charged After launching the Axon 20 last year as the first phone with sub-camera technology, ZTE plans to launch another member of the Axon 30 family this time with improved sub-camera technology. It should be noted that the Axon 30 Pro and Ultra phones have a special aperture for the selfie camera on the screen.

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